Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner by Will Novak

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By Will Novak

Comprises the subsequent sections: 1. basic Anesthesia -- 2. The Banfield Protocols -- three. Fluid treatment in Pets -- four. Anesthetic issues fo Small unique Pets -- Appendix: Dosage Tables -- Illustrations -- Charts.

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Evacuation system If the active waste gas evacuation (scavenger) system is J out of balance, anesthetic gases will adhere to the first law—anesthetic gases will follow the path of least resist ance. If negative pressure is applied to the pop-off valve on the rebreathing head or the bag bleed valve on the non-rebreathing system, the patient may not be getting the proper dose of anesthetic. Solution: Evacuation system must be hooked up and adjusted properly. • Waste gas interface "MlliMiir One end of 22 mm translucent white corrugated tubing attaches to the fitting in the ceiling, the other end attaches to the waste gas interface valve on the machine.

The system itself consists of preset balancing valves (gate valves with a three-quarter-inch copper or white-painted pipe extending 7-12 inches below it) coming down out of the ceiling in the sur gery and treatment rooms. The clear plastic tubing that comes with the anesthesia machine con nects from the anesthesia machine to the end of the balancing valve. The balancing valves are connected above the ceiling tile in both rooms to a series of horizontal 3-inch copper piping, which is connected directly to the scavenger unit intake opening.

This will look like a black box on the back of the anesthesia machine. The older style will be the size of a food can that contains a flipper. Make cer tain the flipper is fully open. Use the scavenger draw meter to test the suction L level of the scavenger fan. This is a small plastic tube with a foam ball inside. The foam ball will float within the marks if suction is functioning correctly. L L Check for leak in system (common). 4. Check to make sure vaporizer is working and it is not empty (uncommon).

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