Analytical Lung Pathology by Professor Klaus Kayser M.D., Ph.D. (auth.)

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By Professor Klaus Kayser M.D., Ph.D. (auth.)

All ailments related to the lung are offered in alphabetical order. every one is mentioned within the comparable manner lower than the subheadings of definition, epidemiology, pathophysio- logy, medical analysis, radiology, gross and micro patho- logy, histomorphological descriptors, certain stains, corridor- mark of analysis and differential diagnosis.

"An encyclopedic choice of phrases facing ailments and/or pathological stipulations of the breathing organs with the purpose to offer the reader swift information regarding the fundamental elements. This encyclopedic resource should be prompt not just to pathologists but additionally to clinicians and practitioners confronted with pulmonary diseases." (Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology)

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Mucus producing cells or cartilage fragments are absent in type II malformations. Type III lesions are composed of true "adenomatoid" lesions with randomly distributed irregular bronchiole-like structures. The lesion resembles the structures of the immature lung in the pseudo glandular phase. A thin fibromuscular layer may form the base of the epithelium of the bronchiolar cysts. ~ Descriptors: Newly formed textures with altered structure: • immature lung parenchyma • cysts (ciliated pseudo stratified columnar cells) • fragments of cartilage • smooth muscle cells • mucinous cells (papillary infoldings) • Special stains: PAS, elastic stains, DNA analysis.

Differential diagnosis: Infections caused by other viruses, aspiration pneumonia, allergic extrinsic alveolitis, necrotizing bronchocentric granulomatosis. ~ Descriptors: Adiaspiromycosis Definition: Pulmonary fungus infection caused by the dimorphic Chlysosporium parvum, Emmonsia parva, and crescens. Incidence/Epidemiology: Worldwide distribution, living in soil, usually an infection of rodents and other small mammalian animals, very seldom (approximately 10-20 reports) infection of human lung.

Differential diagnosis: Usual interstitial pneumonia, bronchiolo alveolar carcinoma, viral pneumonia. Agenesis of Lung Definition: Absence of lung tissue beyond the trachea or main stem bronchus. IncidencelEpidemiology: Depending upon the degree of malformation, bilateral pulmonary agenesis is very rare (less than 10 reported cases), unilateral absence of lung is more frequent, with a slight predominance in females. Unilateral agenesis may be compatible with normal life, especially agenesis of the left lung.

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