An Introduction to Western Medical Acupuncture by Adrian White PhD MA BM BCh, Mike Cummings MB ChB Dip

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By Adrian White PhD MA BM BCh, Mike Cummings MB ChB Dip Med Ac, Jacqueline Filshie MBBS FRCA

This ebook is a transparent and useful introductory consultant to the perform of clinical acupuncture. It describes the Western clinical method of using acupuncture as a remedy following orthodox analysis. The textual content covers safety issues, varied ways to acupuncture, uncomplicated aspect info, medical matters and the appliance of acupuncture in scientific stipulations, specifically within the therapy of pain.A sensible consultant to the foundations and medical perform of scientific acupunctureA transparent consultant to the neurophysiological ideas which underlie scientific methods to acupunctureA uncomplicated rationalization of the several types of scientific acupuncture treatmentAllows the reader to accrue the sensible wisdom beneficial earlier than starting to paintings with scientific acupuncture.

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1). EA of 15 Hz induces a limited release of both enkephalin and b-endorphin. In a comprehensive review of this laboratory work, Han suggests that the greatest short-term analgesic effect is achieved by combining 2 Hz and 100 Hz (Han 2004). Clinical research in patients with pain has suggested that the effect of 2 Hz is longer lasting than that of 100 Hz (Thomas et al 1995). 42 Different opioid peptides are released by different stimulation frequencies. Neurological mechanisms III: extrasegmental analgesia It has been clear ever since the earliest days of neurophysiological research into acupuncture that the response to needling is complex, and that other transmitters are involved as well as opioids.

G. LU, LI, ST, and a number. 7 on p. 218 for full list). This is the nomenclature that has been established by international convention and we shall use throughout this book. Unfortunately, other nomenclature systems still survive. The names of the meridians have nothing to do with the actual internal organ, as far as is known. In written text, it is easy to distinguish between Neurological mechanisms I: local effects CHAPTER 3 ‘Liver’ as the meridian and ‘liver’ as the organ. But in talking to patients, they are naturally very interested when they hear you say you are going to treat ‘Liver 3’ or ‘Gall Bladder 34’, for example.

The mechanism for this effect may be release of ACTH and b-endorphin from the pituitary into the circulation. This can lead to some confusion in interpreting the findings of laboratory studies of electroacupuncture. CHAPTER 5 Non-opioid mechanisms in acupuncture analgesia Descending inhibitory pain control In contrast to segmental analgesia described in Chapter 4, acupuncture also induces a generalized analgesia throughout the body. It does this by activating an area in midbrain from which bundles of fibres descend to every level of the spinal cord and inhibit the dorsal horn.

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