Advances in ring theory by Lopez-Permouth S., Huynh D.V. (eds.)

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By Lopez-Permouth S., Huynh D.V. (eds.)

This quantity involves refereed study and expository articles by means of either plenary and different audio system on the overseas convention on Algebra and functions held at Ohio college in June 2008, to honor S.K. Jain on his seventieth birthday. The articles are on a large choice of parts in classical ring conception and module idea, reminiscent of jewelry enjoyable polynomial identities, earrings of quotients, staff earrings, homological algebra, injectivity and its generalizations, and so on. integrated also are purposes of ring conception to difficulties in coding conception and in linear algebra.

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Let R be a commutative ring of characteristic 0 (not necessarily without nonzero nilpotent elements) and R2 = 0. Find a necessary and sufficient condition such that R(Q8 × E2 × E2 ) is reversible. When R is non-commutative, very little is known about reversibility of RG. Perhaps, one may first study the following question. 15. Let R be a non-commutative division ring of characteristic 0 and G = Q8 or Cn . When is RG reversible? 3. Minimal reversible group rings In [10], Marks asks whether Z2 Q8 is the smallest ring which is reversible but not symmetric.

Let R be a ring with identity. If R contains a nonzero nilpotent element r such that 2r = 0, then RQ8 is not reversible. 7. Zn Q8 is reversible if and only if n = 2. Note that if RQ8 is reversible and char(R) = n > 0, then the subring Zn Q8 of RQ8 is also reversible, and thus n = 2. This tells us that if RQ8 is reversible, then the characteristic of R is either 0 or 2. For R a commutative ring with characteristic 2, a necessary and sufficient condition for RQ8 to be reversible was given by Parmenter and the second author in [8].

It follows that M ∈ E(C, E(D, E)). Conversely, take M ∈ E(C, E(D, E)), then there exists an exact sequence 0→L →M M →0 L M K with L ∈ C and ∈ E(D, E). So we have the following diagram with ∈D L L M ∈ E: and K 0 0 0 ↓ ↓ ↓ K 0 → L → K → 0 L inc inc ↓ ↓ M → 0 0 → L → M L ↓ ↓ M M K K ↓ ↓ 0 0 Since L ∈ C and K ∈ D, then K ∈ E(C, D). Hence M ∈ E(E(C, D), E). L Notice that for two classes with zero C, D, we have that C ∪ D ⊆ E(C, D). 3. For a class with zero C, define E(C, C)0 = {0} and E(C, C)n+1 = E(C, E(C, C)n ), n ∈ N.

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