Abstract Entities by Roger Teichmann (auth.)

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By Roger Teichmann (auth.)

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Thus, 'It's not 26 The General Problem and its Solution the case that p & q' may either be of the form '" (p & q) or of the form '" p & q; whether negation or conjunction has widest scope depends on such things as whether or not one can infer 'q'. We turn, secondly, to the adoption of the category of the name as basic. On one level, the name may be seen as basic once we accept the intuition that - with certain exceptions I will turn to in a moment - the simplest structured (declarative) sentences are of the form 'Fa': name plus predicate.

Sentence- or predicablevariables - are needed to translate sentences containing such words as 'fact' or 'property'. This, essentially, is the position I will adopt in the forthcoming pages. As it stands, Wittgenstein's is a thesis about a group of grammatical general terms; something will need to be said also about such grammatical singular terms as 'redness' and 'the fact that grass is green', as also about predicative expressions like 'inheres (in)'. 33 34 The General Problem and its Solution All such terms I will call 'contextually eliminable terms/expressions', or 'CETs'.

The main difference between 'Wisdom' and 'Socrates' resides in the different sorts of inferential relationships entered into by the sentences in which they respectively occur. The argument from eliminability by paraphrase merely trades on this difference in inferential capacities. That genuine singular terms must be ineliminable by paraphrase is a consequence of two claims, (a) that names alone are genuine singular Abstract Terms 43 terms, and (b) that the category of the name has the 'building-block' status ascribed to it in the last section.

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