A World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller

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By Graham E. Fuller

What if Islam by no means existed? to a few, it is a comforting inspiration: no conflict of civilizations, no holy wars, no terrorists.

But what if that were not the case in any respect? In an international with no ISLAM, Graham E. Fuller publications us alongside an illuminating trip via historical past, geopolitics, and faith to enquire even if Islam is certainly the reason for a few of brand new so much emotional and significant overseas crises. Fuller takes us from the beginning of Islam to the autumn of Rome to the increase and cave in of the Ottoman Empire. He examines and analyzes the roots of terrorism, the clash in Israel, and the position of Islam in aiding and energizing the anti-imperial fight. Provocatively, he reveals that opposite to the claims of many politicians, thinkers, theologians, and squaddies, a global with out Islam will possibly not glance tremendously assorted from what we all know today.

Filled with interesting information and counterintuitive conclusions, a global with out ISLAM is sure to motivate debate and reshape the best way we expect approximately Islam's courting with the West.

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Buddhism developed out of Hindu religion, culture, and philosophy even though it is not viewed by Hindus as a heresy. Sikhism developed out of both Hinduism and Islam. Baha’ism developed out of Christianity and Islam. In one sense, heresy can become a creative act of evolutionary religious thinking as future generations struggle to sharpen, clarify, and reinterpret those earlier religious impulses and understandings, often in keeping with their contemporary cultural surroundings. Ironically, it is striking that it is the fine-grained details and culturally specific characteristics within each of these religions that are viewed by their followers as most essential to their faith; these details can even prompt violent action against others.

Another key theme is the relationship among religion, power, and the state. I argue that the close affiliation of religion and the state over most of Western history has affected Christianity and Christian history vastly more than it has affected Islam and the Islamic world. The theme of heresy becomes very important here. I look at how heresies—religious views not accepted by authority—are often major vehicles for political opposition to the state at the mass level. Thus, when we look at issues of religious dispute, how much are we really talking about power relationships?

This applies to most religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and many others, including traditional aboriginal faiths. We are living at a point of time in the West when rational, secular thinking seems to largely dismiss the phenomenon of religion as an archaic force that inhibits the social order at best, or as the source of hatreds, violent conflict, and war at worst. Many in the West have been dismayed by the “return of religion,” when it appears to be more powerful and sometimes more dangerous than ever.

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