A Source Book in Matroid Theory by Kung

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By Kung

by Gian-Carlo Rota the themes of arithmetic, just like the matters of mankind, have finite lifespans, which the historian will list as he freezes background at one fast of time. There are the outdated topics, loaded with differences and honors. As their difficulties are solved away and the purposes reaped by way of engineers and different moneymen, ponderous treatises assemble airborne dirt and dust in library basements, watching for the day while a new release as but unborn will rediscover the misplaced paradise in awe. Then there are the middle-aged matters. you could inform which they're through roaming the halls of Ivy League universities or the Institute for complicated experiences. Their excessive clergymen haughtily refuse really good bargains from keen provin­ cial universities whereas receiving specified permission from the President of France to lecture in English on the collage de France. Little do they recognize that the burden of technicalities is already severe, approximately to crack and submerge their theorems within the dirt of oblivion that after enveloped the dinosaurs. eventually, there are the younger subjects-combinatorics, for example. Wild­ eyed members gingerly select from a mountain of intractable difficulties, chil­ dishly babbling the 1st phrases of what is going to quickly be a brand new language. baby­ hood will finish with the 1st Seminaire Bourbaki. it may be most unlikely to discover a extra becoming instance than matroid conception of a subject matter now in its infancy. The telltale indicators, for an unfailing prognosis, are the abundance of deep theorems, going including a paucity of theories.

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The dependent sequences satisfy the following axioms: 1. (Reflexivity) a a. 2. ( Sucession) 35 3. (Interchangability) a1 ... a; ... ai ... a1 ... as. 4. (Transitivity) a1 ... as =I= 0, xa1 ... as, and a1 ... asy __,. xal··· as-lY· Here, __,. " The rest of Part I is devoted to deriving elementary consequences of the axioms. Some of the topics treated are closure, rank, meets and joins of closed sets, and the submodular inequality. In the final section, several "reduction rules" for dependent sets are derived, a typical example being In Part II, the notion of a Brspace is introduced.

Let M(R) be a set of vectors with coordinates in an integral domain Rand let P be a prime ideal in R. The set M(RIP) of vectors obtained from M(R) by regarding the coordinates as elements in Rl Pis said to be obtained from M(R) by specialization of coordinates. The function mapping a vector in M(R) to its specialization in M(RI P) induces a weak map of the lattice of closed sets of M(R) to the lattice of closed sets of M(R! P). Weak maps (or maps, as they were then called) were first defined in Higgs [66].

The lift construction consists of adding this layer of elements to Q, thus obtaining a quotient L = L( G~ Q) of G between G and Q. If G =I= Q, the rank of L is one greater than the rank of Q. The factorization theorem is proved in the third part. To state this, the notion of contraction is needed. The kernel ker a of the strong map a: G ~ H is the unique a-closed element of G mapped to the minimum of H. If a is surjective and H G/kera, then a is said to be a contraction. A contraction is the analogue of a projection from a subspace.

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