A quantum mechanics primer by Daniel T. Gillespie

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By Daniel T. Gillespie

Booklet by means of Gillespie, Daniel T

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Is it possible for vϕ and vg to be directed oppositely? 22. Low-energy neutrons are produced by letting them wander around in a “moderator,” a substance that does not absorb them, until they reach thermal equilibrium. The average kinetic energy of a particle at temperature T is . What must be the temperature of the moderator to produce neutrons of wavelength about 10 pm? 5 PRINCIPLE OF SUPERPOSITION The foregoing explanation of the velocity paradox involves no new assumptions; the basic trick, the representation of a modulated wave as the superposition of two (or more) unmodulated ones, has already been used to explain interference phenomena.

What is the expected recoil velocity of a sodium atom which at rest emits a quantum of its D radiation (λ = 5890 Å)? Design a beam experiment in which one might hope to detect this recoil. 4. In the following problems and generally throughout this book, the masses of particles will be given in MeV. 5. 511 MeV), what is the maximum energy it can transfer to it? 6. According to Wien’s displacement law (1894), the wavelength λm at which blackbody radiation at temperature T has its maximum intensity is given roughly by λmT ≈ 3mm⋅K.

05 nm? REFERENCES Balmer, J. (1885): Ann. Phys. 25, 80. Bergmann, P. G. (1942): Introduction to the Theory of Relativity (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ). Bohr, N. (1913): Phil Mag. 26, 1, 476, 875. De Broglie, L. (1923): C. R. 177, 107, 148. —— (1972, trans. J. W. Haslett): Am. J. Phys. 40, 1315. Compton, A. H. (1923): Phys. Rev. 21, 483. Coulson, C. A. (1944): Waves (Interscience, New York). Einstein, A. (1905): Ann. Phys. , by A. B. Arons and M. B. Peppard, Am. J. Phys. 33, 367 (1965). —— (1922): Sidelights on Relativity (Methuen, London).

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