A Gothic Etymological Dictionary by Winfred P. Lehmann

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By Winfred P. Lehmann

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Admirable machine, marvelous, new machine, very ingenious machine. War machine. Ballet machine. Machine that casts bulky stone bricks, that discharges a hundred bolts at a time. Machine to draw water. Machine to raise stones to the top of a building. Hydraulic engine, or for water. To invent a machine. To set a machine in motion. This machine works well, runs well. Power transmitted by machinery. ”27 The tertiary definition of machine was: “A certain assembly of springs whose motion and power are self-contained.

The same Arcadian ideal that excludes money, commerce, urban life, conquests and war. Montesquieu’s same style imitates Fénelon’s smooth speech. Religion is not revealed to the Troglodytes. 13 Otis Fellows finds that Montesquieu had shown that a sense of justice is essential to all political organization and that without it, the survival of civilization is not possible. ’s belief that a sense of justice, the supreme political virtue, is essential to the organization and maintenance of human society.

It is “unnatural,” however, for intelligent beings to allow themselves to be dominated by the influence of climate or to be the instruments of the immoral power of a despot. 36 Courtney contends that Montesquieu did not embrace an absolute geographic or environmental determinism, but rather, merely observed tendencies based on climate that should be negated by legislation if they are contrary to natural law. In this sense, The Spirit of Laws is an extension of the Troglodyte story: the universe is in continual flux and nothing stays the same forever.

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