A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Improvements, Repairs and Complete by Oliver (Ollie) C. Hill

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By Oliver (Ollie) C. Hill

In 116 pages, the self learner is taught tips on how to pack a horse, mule or burro for top kingdom adventures. the water-resistant conceal offers safeguard from the elements, and the spiral binding permits lay-flat, effortless use. The 6½ inch via nine½ inch structure comprises 30 photographs and greater than 127 illustrations of knots, hitches and gear utilized in packing. The publication contains details at the historical past of packing, choice and care of the pack animal, easy packing and tenting gear and offers, loading and packing, balancing the burden, path courtesy and packing as a pastime. information are supplied on horse feed, cooking gear, first relief for horses and folks, weight issue and packing up. barren region survival is roofed, in addition to employer details and rules for packing into public lands. greater than 25,000 copies of prior versions were bought. This 5th version is a tremendous revision.

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